Rendering showing the future concourse level entrance to Kline Tower and connecting vesitbule with Sloane Physics Lab
Rendering showing the future lobby of Kline Tower with connecting stairs to the concourse level and second level classrooms
Rendering showing new vistibule connecting Kline Tower with Sloane Physics Lab

Kline Tower renovation

This project spans a 186,000 gross square foot (GSF) renovation and includes the conversion of research laboratories to academic offices within the tower, while also improving connectivity with surrounding buildings.

Construction schedule

Fall 2020 to summer 2023

  • Download the Kline Tower logisitics modifications (PDF, mid-April 2022 to early June 2022).*
  • Download the interior routing impacts at the Kline Tower concourse level (PDF), including access to the Yale Science Building, Sloane Physics Laboratory, and Marx Library (formerly the Center for Science and Social Science Information [CSSSI]).*
  • Kline Tower is closed to the public and access to the Marx Library will be through the Yale Science Building and Pavilion.
  • The Kline-Sloane passageway is closed, and the northern Science Hill buildings can be accessed from Prospect Street or Whitney Avenue.
  • Anticipated disruptions in the area include noise, dust, and vibration.